Danfoss Link

Im starting to upgrade my heating system in my house, but i would like it to be able co communicate with openhab, and also the possebillity to controll it from openhab (binding)

is there any way to do this?

The system will be:

Danfoss Link™ CC
Danfoss Link™ RS
Danfoss Link™ Connect
Danfoss Link™ HC Master
Danfoss Link™ Gateway (Interface with power supply for system integration of ECL Comfort 110 and Danfoss Link™)
Danfoss ECL 110

The system can be controlled from an Danfoss app (ios)

Do anyone know anything who can help me? or schould i choose another system

anyone who can help me?

I suspect that this is a proprietary protocol, but I’m not sure. You might want to look at the following thread -: