Danfoss Living Connect LC-13 thermostat and ZWave Binding Update 2018

Hi everybody,

does anybody use Danfoss Living Connect LC-13 thermostats?
I’m interested to know if you can still use these devices after the ZWave Binding Update last year.

Please refer to my actual problem here: ZWave binding updates
… and here: ZWave binding updates or here, respectively: ZWave binding updates
I really appreciate a short feedback! Thanks in advance!


Hi, I use Popp valves, which I think are nearly the same as the Danfoss ones and yes, I have the latest Zwave binding on OH2.4 stable and it works fine, I think.

I can confirm that those Danfoss thermostats are running fine on my openhab with the new zwave binding…

Thank you!
May I ask you to provide me a representative command line from your rules file where you change the temperature setpoint?

    //Sauna Thermostat
        Number Sauna_Danfoss_temp "Heizkörper [%.1f °C]" <thermostat> (gThermostat) {channel="zwave:device:d7de781e:node18:thermostat_setpoint_heating"}
        Number Sauna_Danfoss_bat  "Sauna Thermostat [%d %%]"  <battery>	(gBattery) {channel="zwave:device:d7de781e:node18:battery-level" }
        Switch Sauna "Sauna Raum wird [MAP(Sauna.map):%s]" <vacation>
rule "Saunaraum heizen ein/aus"
        	Item Sauna received update 
			switch Sauna.state {
				case ON: sendCommand(Sauna_Danfoss_temp,28)
				case OFF: sendCommand(Sauna_Danfoss_temp,8)

Thank you very much! :slightly_smiling_face:
Do you think there’s a difference to the command Sauna_Danfoss_temp.sendCommand(28) for this particular device? Because that’s the syntax I use.

you’re welcome.
no, should be no difference.