Danfoss living connect, new proprietary z-wave binding

(Christian Christiansen) #42

There are some bugs in the user interface that i havent solved yet, however they are not the priority since we’re interested in the MDG Library and its communications.

I’ve succesfully established communication with the library and have full debugging and logging from both the app and the underlying MDG Lib. I can connect to the control servers,but haven’t been able to fully pair with my cc unit yet. The decompilation moved some exception handling around so i just need to play with it a bit more.
If @Jogge, or anybody else are willing to help out then please join the repository :slight_smile:

(Christian Christiansen) #43

Good news. I solved the remaining issue, not being able to communicate with mdg. I now have full access to my own CC controller.

(Joachim Nybo) #44

I’d like to get an invite :slight_smile:

(Donnib) #45

That’s fantastic. What’s your next step or what is your end goal ?

(Kj1976a) #46

i’m new to this community but I would definitely be interested in taking a look since i have a link cc and my new heating system has its own proptietary app …
the idea would be to control everything from a single app to make the use easier.

any chance i could get access to the rep please ?

(Oramah) #47

Hi! Could I please have an access to the code , too?
I’m new to this community, and I’m “happy” owner of danfoss things.
My login at bitbucket/github/gitlab is nayavu

(Christian Christiansen) #48

Access Given

(Christian Christiansen) #49

Access given

(Christian Christiansen) #50

Just a general update. The App is fully decompiled, but there is a few bugs in the user interface, however they do not affect the communication.

The underlying ProtoBuf protocol is fully deconstructed. However sinche the libluavm.so is reliant on the bionic c lib from android we cant runt the code on anything other than on an android OS.
Currently i’m trying to run the LUA code directly on windows, but i need to replace a lot of Posix calls.

The MDG lib is protocol to the MDG servers are “fairly” simple. So as we originally suggested we should theoretically be able to emulate the protocol. First step is to be able to generate a certificate based on the Brainpool EC curve. Alle the source code is in the lua files. After that its just a matter of communicating with the server in the protobuf format.

(Christian Christiansen) #51

Also, according to this, the App will be compatible with Amazon Alexa soon https://linkapp.danfoss.com/hc/da/articles/212037289-Virker-Danfoss-Link-med-systemer-der-ikke-kommer-fra-Danfoss-

(Thomas Gregersen) #52

Also, according to Danfoss development, there’s an update on its way for the Link CC to patch for the KRACK vulnerability. I don’t know how or if this will affect the app at all, but they are hoping to be ready to update either beginning of December or January. I guess the Alexa-integration might be incorporated into the next update for the Link CC too.

(Alexey Tokar) #53

Hi, Christian

may I have an access to the repo as well?

(Per Wiemann) #54

Hi Christian,

I would also very much like to have access to the repo if possible.

Best regards Per
Github: PerWiemann

(Matic Bogataj) #55

Hi Christian,

Can I have an access also?
github/bitbucket: MaticBo


(Morten) #56

Hi - impressive work you guys have put into this problem :slight_smile:

From this thread, it seems most effort is put into controlling the living connect via http to the Link CC. Since I have a bunch of 014G0001 but no Link CC, I’m interested in the other possibility - reverse engineering the proprietary z-wave commands so openhab could talk to the thermostats directly. Does anyone have a overview of this approach at this time? Is that feasible? If the commands were reverse engineered, how much work would then be required in openhab to use the alternative commands?

Best regards, Morten

(Heine Larsen) #57

Sounds interesting. Would it be posisble to get acces to the repo?
Github: nc-hl.


(Christian Christiansen) #58

Hi Per, Its a bitbucket account so you need an account there before i can add you

(Christian Christiansen) #59

Hi Heine, Its a bitbucket repo so you need an account there

(Christian Christiansen) #60

Hi Morten,
I dont have a Zwave sniffer which is needed to be able to decode the streams. Work has been done on another forum and from what i have read they are able to read temperature but cannot control them yet.

(Thomas Gregersen) #61

Hi Christian

Have you got a link to the other forum if someone should be interested?