Danfoss living connect, new proprietary z-wave binding

(Henrik Madsen) #62

Hi Christian

Can i get access to the repo to?

bitbucket: merciwima

(Soeren Porsgaard) #63

Hi Christian,

Do you get access to all the link units, e.g. floor heating valves, temperature measurements, air circulation (Danfoss air A2), etc.?
I am currently getting a new house built, and I am thinking whether I should install the proprietary Danfoss system, and try to use your solution. I am willing to extend the features in your code, if necessary.
The alternative is of course to install something else than Danfoss, but it is hard to find other systems that integrate everything out off the box.

May I please get access to your repo.

(Kasper Brøgger Svendsen) #64

@ChristianHC Sounds very nice, looking forward to see/contribute to the repo. Can you invite me too? bitbucket username: ksvendsen

(Michael Wojciechowski-Jensen) #65

@ChristianHC Is it possible to get access to the repo?

Did you make any progress with making the controller work?

I have a Danfoss CC controller and a Danfoss heat pump that I would like to get information from.

(Christian Christiansen) #66

@wojciii You are added.

So an update to those still following the thread.

In the Repo is a decompiled Danfoss Link android application with all the sourcecode. Its compileable and you can connect to your own MDG servers. However, due to me removing the android support library there are several bugs in the UI. For one, when you need to pair the screen is empty. Keep pressing next until you can write in you pairing code, wait a bit and you should be paired. You can follow the logs and step through the code when doing this.

I initially tried to run the libmdg.so file on a raspbery pi (The same arm architecture as the phone), but since the file is linked towards androids bionic-c library it cannot run on vanilla linux/debian out of the box. It should be possible to relink it (I’ve seen it mentioned a couple of times) but i am not a daily linux user and have thus abandonded this.

The other approach is the run the lua sourcecode by yourself, however several of the needed libraries are hardcoded in the libmdg.so files. I have found several alternatives (For windows), but i havent been succesful in running it. The precompiled Lua files mentions a windows sandbox configuration, so i suspect that the Trifork people have been testing and running it on one, and thus is suspect that it should be possible. However i’m not a lua coder so progress is slow at the moment.

Other attack angles are to completely disregard the existing code and start from scratch. You will need a way to generate SSL/TLS certification using the brainpool ec curve, establish a tunnel to the mdg server and communicate via protobuf. - I’ve already decompiled the protomaps and they are available in the repository.

Im also interested to hear from the people who have had access to the repository whether or not they have made any progress

(Michael Wojciechowski-Jensen) #68

I’m not added. :slight_smile:

My bitbucket is here: https://bitbucket.org/wojciii/

(misncz) #69

@ChristianHC could you give me access to the repo please?
My bitbucket account is: https://bitbucket.org/misncz

(Marco) #70

Can you pleae also authorize me? https://bitbucket.org/mwagner80

(Jere I.) #71

Original comment (Deleted so my bitbucket link disappers in due time :slight_smile: ):

I have a cottage with Danfoss Link. I have the app working but there are more smart things in there and would like to explore options of having them all on the same app. Can I have access to the repository?

My end goal would be to have like a raspberry on the cottage network to which I can connect how I want and control as many things as possible :slight_smile: I’m a newbie but I’m trying to learn.

(Janus Hansen) #72

Hi Christian

amazing reading; what you have managed to solve in this issue.

I’m also looking for a solution how to connect my Danfoss Living CC system to Home Assistant home-assistant.io

Please share https://bitbucket.org/janushansen/

(Michael Wojciechowski-Jensen) #73

I still have no access to any code. There were no changes to my bitbucket account that I could see for the past few days.

Could someone post instructions about how to get access to the source code for the decompiled app?
What is the link to the repo you talk about? How do I clone it?

(Michael Wojciechowski-Jensen) #74

No activity? What happened?

(Morten) #75

Just stumbled upon a similar approach here that might interest some of you:
It uses the Alexa integration which I believe is officially supported by Danfoss. However, it might require a paid Alexa account.