Danfoss Living Connect Z

I just bought myself some Danfoss Living Connect Z thermostats (014G0013, SW 1.01, SDK 4.55) and am now struggling to get them to work in openhab. There was a rather large discussion going on here, but its a bit dated now: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/openhab/oG58xAdvcx8/IR5ttpr6AqcJ
Also, none of the hints listed there helped me or was applicable in my case.

The device is included by the controller into the network but not recognized by openhab properly. It can not be configured nor is it possible to send the required initial WAKE_UP_INTERVAL_SET command.

This is how the device is shown in habmin after adding it. (The controller marked it as failed after several exclusions and inclusions for some reason, but it wasn’t different before)

Is there any way to determine the device and type ids sent by the thermostat? It should by 5 and 3, but if it changed due to some update by danfoss, it could explain this issue. I enabled zwave debug logging but did not find this information in the log file.

These will be downloaded automatically during the initialisation. The fact that they aren’t displayed means that the device initialisation hasn’t completed - you need to make sure the device is close to the controller and wake it up so that it can complete initialisation.

I just unwrapped a different device and simply pressed the wakeup button after the first inclusion. After that it was recognized immediately. Damn, this took me hours :wink: Thanks for your help!

I guess the other thermostat will now work, too, after doing a factory reset.

Do all the initial configuration within close range of the controller - then move it. It might take a bit of time to sort the network out after it moves, but it needs to be in range of the controller to get the configuration done…

Good luck :smile: