Danfoss Room Sensor DRS11 Z-Wave

Hello and good evening,

I installed OpenHAB 4 on an OdroidC2 just a few days ago (I’m a newbie). My intent is to use the various Danfoss Room Sensors DRS11 I have in my house via the Z-Stick Aeotec Gen5+.

I read in different topics that there are two different types of this sensor. The 014G0160 is the “open” and the 014G0158 is the closed version that only works with the Danfoss Link CC (that is the system I use but I want it to replace).

Unfortunately, I can’t see which type of room sensor it is. When I add a new thing via the serial controler the room sensor is recognized immediately as type 014G0160. I can it add as a new thing without any problems.

Initially, I was very happy, but the display of the sensor rests dark. The LED of the sensor stays blinking green. Normally this is a hint that the sensor is not yet integrated into a network. I can’t interpret all the properties of the thing. The “zwave_version” e. g. has the value 0.0 which seems strange.

Could it be possible that I have the type 014G0158 (not open to Z-Wave) but OpenHAB regognizes it as type 14G0160 anyway? When I link a channel of the sensor to an item then there is no value transmitted.

I hope I explained the problem in brief words, I would appreciate it if somebody could give me some information.

Thanks a lot!

Yes that is possible. Devices are identified by MFG(0x0002) in this case and then TYPE:ID. There are two listings for the TYPE:ID in the ZW DB 0x0003:0x8010,0x8003:0x8001 under 014G0160. I looked on the Z-Wave Alliance website and only 0003:8010 is listed as certified (interoperable). If your devices are 8003:8001 they may be the non-open variety and those numbers should be removed from the DB. On the UI page for the device under “properties” do you see any type or id numbers?

Thank you for the quick reply.

In the list of the thing properties I can see

zwave_listening → false
zwave_deviceid → 32769
zwave_devicetype → 32771
manufacturerRef → 0003:8010,8003:8001
modelId → 014G0160
dbReference → 359

There are more properties in the list (20). Do you need other values?

Have you removed the device from the “old” controller?
Afaik you need to remove or factory reset it before you can add to a new network.

Yes I did. I unlinked it from the Danfoss Link CC and afterwards I linked it to the openhab system.

No. This other program that I have been testing has a device named DRS11 with TYPE:ID 8003:8001 (32771:32769 in decimal) in their DB as not compatible with their Zwave “binding”. I do not know if the person that added that TYPE:ID to the OH ZW DB got the device working. The exclude/reset was a good suggestion.

The only other possibility I can think of is to keep the Danfoss Link CC running and add to OH4 through either Zwave (as a secondary controller) or through MQTT. Does the manual for that device suggest anything like that is possible?

I have the same device (DRS11), which you can easily link to the z-wave controller (aeotec 5+ Stick). It shows all the same behavior as you said (display dark and LED is blinking), and no data.
It seems, that this is a closed system. Therefore I moved over to the Ally version, which is zigbee, transferring a good feedback ( valve position)

No, the Danfoss Link CC system is a closed system. Only a connection to Amazon Alexa or Echo would be possible.
I also have various Danfoss Living connect with Sw 4.02. These devices aren’t open to Z-Wave but I did not know if my room sensors are the open version. What a pity!

Thank you for the information. Then I also have the closed version.
I think I will replace the system and move to zigbee.