Danfoss underfloor heating alarm blink

Just moved in an apartment with Danfoss CF2 underfloor heating. Sadly, it’s not working and CF-MC master controller shows input, alarm and 6-10 output LEDs blink. In addition to CF-MC I have only one CF-RD block in one of the rooms.

Does anybody know what does it mean and how to fix this?

Hi Alex,
I know this is very late to reply, did you solve this?
The issue is that your CF-MC is not getting the signal from the thermostat.
As you say this is 6-10, I am guessing there are 2 CF-RD’s and the 2nd one is missing.
Simple solution is to re-program 6-10 with the 1 thermostat you have.

In the meantime, it will work in emergency mode - 15 minutes open every hour.