Dark default chart color?

Just noticed in the HTML source code of my openhab web, that there seems to be some possibiltiy to influence the appearance of default charts:

<img src="/chart?groups=gInnenTemp&amp;period=D&amp;service=rrd4j&amp;theme=bright&amp;t=1517612007354">

When I replace the “bright” by “dark” in the console of my browser, then a dark chart appears. WOW!
The question is: Where can I change this in my config - and is there a way to change the apperance of BasicUI (e.g. by a custom CSS) in general?

Here’s what the dark theme looks like:
2018-02-02 23_57_26-Innen 22,8 °C
Are there others as well?

it depends on UI. The Android app offers 5 themes and Basic UI only 2.
For Basic UI, you can select the theme with Paper UI: configure -> services -> UI -> Basic UI.

Thank you, I’m using OH now for two years - but I never noticed there’s a “theme” option for the BasicUI…LOL

I get exactly the same chart in black, but without aqny change. I only made a snapshot update to #1220 and now my charts don´t work very well.

They are much smaller than before. The habdroid charts locks ugly, like in your screenshot, some kind of ms-dos style. Before the updte they were white and more beautiful.

Charts in basic ui are much smaller now. When i have many items showing, then i can´t see anything of the chart, because of the big description window.

Was there a change in the code?

I made some charts-changes in a charts.cfg inside service-folder of openhab. It seems, that this is no longer supported???