Dark theme for forum

(Christoph Wempe) #1


I was just wondering if it would be possible to select a dark theme for this forum.

I think it could be made available very easy.

Any thoughts? :smiley:

(illnesse) #2

Iโ€™ve been looking for that option before, would definitely prefer the dark theme as it is much easier on the eyes

(Gary) #3

I was just about to make a new post requesting the same. Forum admins, is there any chance of dark mode being enabled on this site? I love reading the forum before bed but the site is extremely bright! :sunglasses:

(Paul Flavel) #4

If you are using an android phone, go to your display settings and enable night mode. If you use IOS then no idea.

(Kris K) #5

If using IOS go and buy an Android :joy: