Dark theme for forum


I was just wondering if it would be possible to select a dark theme for this forum.

I think it could be made available very easy.

Any thoughts? :smiley:


I’ve been looking for that option before, would definitely prefer the dark theme as it is much easier on the eyes

I was just about to make a new post requesting the same. Forum admins, is there any chance of dark mode being enabled on this site? I love reading the forum before bed but the site is extremely bright! :sunglasses:

If you are using an android phone, go to your display settings and enable night mode. If you use IOS then no idea.

If using IOS go and buy an Android :joy:

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The dark theme has arrived :sunglasses:, see:


Thanks for sharing!

Hi @ysc
Was looking for a way to enable dark theme on the forum site for myself when I noticed this link.
However I don’t think the ‘auto’ dark mode is enabled which depends on the users device theme
Would is be possible to consider enabling it?

I came across this on Signal forums and it works nicely

Yes, but currently the dark mode is implemented using a separate theme (meaning different CSS) than an alternative color scheme, mostly to make sure the logo looks good and other things I cannot remember.

I’m just seeing there’s an option to specify the logo in dark mode so the remaining problems could perhaps be solved and we would only have one theme and 2 color schemes, until then this option doesn’t help.

Thanks guys!