Dash Button in 2019 - really offline?

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I have a DashButton in my setup since 2017 to switch my Philips Hue lamps. Here was another Battery change on (I had the DashButton for this already sawed earlier).
The problem now is that when the battery is changed, the DashButton loses its WIFI information - meaning that it must always be trained again.
As far as I can see, I can no longer set up physical DashButtons in the Amazon Shopping app (these are no longer sold in this country).
So my question: Does anyone know this problem … and if “yes” - is there a solution? Besides buying an “real” zigbee oder zwave-Button?

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Or any other country for that matter. Amazon has killed them.

As above

Not that I know off


You are just looking at the wrong place in “Amazon Shopping APP”. (latest Version:, Build 18.0.22249.0)

Go to:

–> My account --> My virtual Dash buttons --> Menu --> Settings --> Set up a new device

In German:

–> Mein Konto --> Meine virtual Dash Buttons --> Menü --> Einstellungen --> Richten Sie ein neues Gerät ein

You also can download an older .apk here:


I know that end of August 2019 “old function” was at its original place in APP.

So this should be in version: