Dashboard android app weather icon and text to speech

Hi I just discover a fantastic app for habpanel on android, it have a web interface for administration, a lot of lock feature like you can’t change app or disable soft button or motion detection, even an rest api for command some setting !!!

Can I said the name of the app ?

So… the only thing is my weather icon look weird in it and text to speech doesn’t seem to work … The dev answer my mail really fast but he need some more info and i don’t know what to tell/ask

can you guide me ?

p.s he anser me that :

Hi Dominic,

thank you for testing . Unfortunately I have no idea how HabPanel tries to make TTS with Fully or Device. Do you have more information about?

There is a JS interface in Fully that provides TTS features access:

void fully.textToSpeech(String text)
void fully.textToSpeech(String text, String locale)

If something appears on the website not in the way it should appear, the first question is: What is you Android version? If you are running Android 5.0 and newer please install Android System Webview from Google Play. Then the website rendering result should be the same as in latest Chrome on Android.

If you have Android 4.4 or less there is an outdated and buggy Webview brought by your Android which can’t be updated. The app can only use the Webview provided by Android. Something can be very buggy on your website with this Android Webview.

There is a little chance but you can also try to change the Graphics Acceleration setting in Other Settings in Fully (reload the website each time). If it’s a kind of hardware acceleration issues this may help.