"dashboard" but no sitemap? Also Groups of items?

Strap in and put get a splash guard - I’m about to brain vomit on everyone.

So - my issue is that I was never really experienced (unless you count 2 days of running OH1) at OH1 - so OH2 is great because the stuff that is different is fine - I’m just “learning it”. The stuff that is the same though (or a little of both) is very confusing for me.

There is no “concept of sitemaps” in OH2 (as of yet - I hear it’s being made better - Great! I read up on OH1 wiki and the idea seems a bit archaic (but who am I to judge I’ve never developed an automation platform from scratch!!) ) So what are we to do for dashboarding (as refered to in HABMin)? I’d love to layout some sort of “default view” so I can see all the important spot - or possibly seperate my sensors from my switches etc. Is that still in OH2 but hidden in manual configuration files (I’m okay with this BTW!). Also - I DO understand that PaperUI is really just for administration - I get that - and I can see it clearly - so I get that I’m going to be configuring either classic, basic, habmin or other UI I setup. But where?!

Also I still see the group option in Items (or was it things?). I try to make my own but it only allows me to put in “ZWave Controller” - which is auto-populated and the only available option. I spent a few hours looking around to where to define groups and checked out the docs site and here and I see nothing. I’m probably missing something stupid as always but figured I’d ask.

On a completely separate note - I looked to download the HABMin android client and don’t see the APK anywhere on my box at all. Is that just if you build from his GIT?

I’ll stop you there as that’s incorrect. The concept of sitemaps (at least for now) works exactly the same as in OH1 i.e. you create a xxx.sitemap file in the /sitemaps folder with your textual configuration.

Are you getting HABmin mixed up with HABdroid?

As @danielwalters86 said, OH2 sitemaps are identical in configuration and use as OH1 sitemaps. When you switch between Classic and Basic UI you are getting two different views of the same sitemap config.


I’m not 100% sure of this, but I believe you need to define Groups and Items that are not directly linked to a Thing in an items file just as with OH1.

If you are referring to Habdroid, just get it from the Play store. If you are looking for Habdroid, it isn’t an APK, it is a zip file with jars and web pages.

Sorry Assuming!! Was reading up and saw this: Openhab2 manual configuration help

I was refering to habmin2 info on android: https://github.com/openhab/org.openhab.ui.habmin/wiki/Android-Installation

I’ll look into your suggestions! Thanks!

I guess this came from something I said a week or three back. My point wasn’t that there aren’t sitemaps - as has been pointed out above and in the link you posted, it’s the same as OH1. The issue is that OH2 (really ESH) doesn’t yet have it’s own sitemap system which is being discussed, but is probably a while off.

Regarding the APK I’ve dropped this from the current build when I moved the repo a couple of weeks back - it took me a number of days to get the build working and I haven’t yet looked at Android again yet.

Thanks for clearing that up Chris! Like I said - I lack some of that foundational knowledge. I’ll read up on SiteMaps and see what I can get “learn-ed”

Thanks all! I’ll get to reading!