Dashboard demo project configuration problems!

Hello friends I downloaded a dashboard demo project from this link: https://github.com/HomeAutomationForGeeks/openhab-controlpanel
I followed the instruction and I’ve successfully got the weather data from wunderground. But it seems that my dashboard got problem because whenever I change an item in my openhab webpage, the dashboard UI didn’t change anything, here are all of my configuration(only TODO parts):

var openhabURL = "raspberrypi.mshome.net:8080/rest/items/";	// TODO: change this to your Pi's IP address
			// Log URL
			var logURL = "http://raspberrypi.mshome.net/data.php?item=";	// TODO: change this to your Pi's IP address
<widget id="livingroom" data-type="switch" data-item="itm_dog_gps_alm_enb " data-title="Living Room"></widget>

**NOTE: I assigned an id for the every switch/sensor so that i can change its interface(color/size/font) in style.css file.
In my items file, I do have an switch called “itm_dog_gps_alm_enb”, but however when i toggled it, nothing happened on my dashboard index.html, I wonder why?
This my index.html looks like so far, I want everytime I change an item’s state on openhab webpage, the item in index.html will change responsively!

Can anybody help me? I’ll very appreciated!