Dashboard name in widget

Is it possible to retrieve the name of the current dashboard and use it in code of a custom widget? I already found a solution using ngModel.name. but this only seems to work if the widget is placed as header replacement.

As an alternative, I would like to use my widget in the header bar. Can I somehow get rid of the hamburger icon, whitout using the kiosk mode?

There’s a dirty hack to get the dashboard’s name, but I wouldn’t rely on it, it might be changed one day…

The hamburger menu isn’t supposed to be hidden but you can hide it anyway with CSS.

.header i.glyphicon.glyphicon-menu-hamburger {
    display: none;

Looks promising. I would prefer an answer to my first question but the hack will do it :slight_smile:

Putting widgets in the header is possible as an experimental feature: