Dashboard other than HABPanel

Has anyone tried to connect OpenHAB to an external dashboard? I have some devices (Leviton WiFi switches for example) that aren’t compatible with OpenHAB. I’d like to put the switches and OpenHAB functions on a single dashboard - and HABPanel doesn’t work for the Leviton WiFi switches.

I’ve done some experimenting with using IFTTT between OpenHAB and the Levitons but I’m not happy with the results.


Did you see this?

Yes, I have seen it as well (I should have mentioned it in my original post). The python script works well in that it allows me to control the Leviton switches. But, it doesn’t provide state feedback. Meaning that if the light switch turns on (or off) through another means other than the HABPanel dashboard, then the icon status on the HABPanel dashboard doesn’t know. The python scripts are one way, not bi-directional.

Fair point :slight_smile:

Agree the python script doesn’t have feedback, but at least it’s not a toggle. So if you send ON and the light is already on, it doesn’t turn it off… The implementation works best with Google Home, when you can see the current state and wish to change on for off, or vice versa. Not great for a HABPanel dashboard.