Dashboard shown different in Desktop, Smartphone, Tablet


I createed dashboard on Desktop, but on Smartphone and on tablet I can’t use it.

on Desktop:

to my mind, ist maybe the fix size setting of the text or the Buttons…

How can I solve this Problem…?

thank you

on Smartphone:

As far as I know HABPanel is not able to handle adaptive screen sizes yet (I think it is in work). So the only way to do this is to create a different panel for the phone and tablet.

actually it can be done. you have to use percentages instead of pixels. one issue i have found is that i cannot use it on portrait mode on my phone, just landscape.

i can provide a screenshot of the code, but dont know how.

oh ist a pitty…
but maybe is it able to fix the whole Screen, maybe by Setting in html
So if the Display is smaler you just have the scrollbars?

is that possible?

if you use custom widgets you can use percentages instead of pixels

Where can I do that - switching them to percentages?

Ill have to open my code over the weekend, and ill show you

Cool! Thanks for that.
I like to see everything not bothering the device (e.g. iphone, iPad pc)

I am also wondering about this!