Dashboard with unique elements

Hi all,

I have added a few unique elements to my dashboard.cfg and also deleted the openHabian Help link, because I don’t need it.
However adding works good, but deletion is not. I have renamed and added a proper name to an element in dashboard.cfg now I have multiple elements of this! Also openHabian Help is not deleted from the Dashboard.

Tried restarting openHab, cleaning cache, but it doesn’t help. Can someone guide me a bit?


This one is part of openHABian and you can’t delete it.

Have you tried deleting dashboard.cfg completely?
Then stop OH
Clear the cache
restart OH
Restore your file

Thanks, I thought if I delete it from there, it will disappear. I will try to delete the file and restart/clean cache!

This doesn’t solved my issue. I have the same items on the dashboard even after deleting the dashboard.cfg and not loading it! Placing back dashboard.cfg does nothing…

However the PaperUI desing changed to the original Eclipse Smarthome :slight_smile:

After deleting the /var/lib/openhab2/config/org/openhab/dashboard.config, the duplicated items are gone, but PaperUI also gone from the dashboard :slight_smile:
How could I add it back?