DashButton Binding on Synology

Hey there,

I’ve been busy for a long time using the Amazon Dash Button in OH2. Unfortunately without success:
First, I tried the official Amazon DashButton Binding . Since I quickly came to the problem with the libpcap interface. Apparently there is no possibility for Synology …

Then I tried it with the networkhealth [Look here] (Amazon Dash Button as openHAB Trigger) Unfortunately also no success that I use OH2 instead OH2.

Then I came across the following binding:

Since I have the feeling that it does not work because the DashButton is only very short online. That’s why the Binding can not recognize him.

Can anyone help me as I still manage to use my Dash Button? Thank you in advance.

If you cannot get past the libpcap problem on Synology you cannot detect Dash button presses on Synology. They only work by sniffing the network for packets that the Dash button sends out when you press the button. For that you must have libpcap.

To continue to use the Dash button, you need to run something outside of the Synology to detect the button presses and report that to OH using the REST API or MQTT.

There are tons and tons of projects on github that can do this including https://github.com/rkoshak/sensorReporter.