Data Science Humble Bundle

Wasn’t sure where to put this.

The Humble Bundle currently has a Data Science O’Reily book bundle, one of which at the $1 level is about Timeseries Databases (hello InfluxDB users).

If any of you are wanting to learn what sorts of things you can learn from the information you are already capturing you won’t find a better deal.

I’m not sure how available Humble Bundle is internationally. I hope most of you who want to can take advantage of this deal.


Thanks for sharing… it needs to be said the offer ends in 13 days --> so be quick.
There are other titles of interest from $8 and $15 onwards.

Thanks for the warning. Yes Humble Bundles don’t last for long.

Their other book bundle might be of interest to the community as well:

I’ve purchased so many of their electronics bundles already and have subscribe to Make: since the first issue so already have all those books.

Also worth mentioning is they are all DRM free and most come in multiple formats, usually ebook, mobi, and PDF.

If you create an account they will keep your of the bundles you have ordered and let you redownload them.

thanks for sharing, works fine from germany !