Data transformation in echarts?


I’m trying to get into building some nice charts in the Main UI (latest stable release) and I achieved some nice basic charts so far.

For a chart I’d like to build I need some data transformation (I have to multiply some aggregated data) but I haven’t found any possibility to do that in openHAB (via echarts) yet.

The echarts docs show that somehow transformations might be possible via datasets, but I couldn’t figure out how or if it might work in openHAB

I don’t want to create separate items with some js transformation or something like that because with this approach I would also double the space which would be needed for the additional persistence for each item. Also this approach is not very efficient because I would be able to calculate the exact data from the already existing item.

Hence my question: Is there some way I can perform data transformations inside the charts (in the yaml code)?