i am doing a research about creating a dataset based on ADL(activity of daily living).i am wondering if OpenHab can be helpful or not.
thank you.


If that seems like an inadequate answer, perhaps it’s because there are not enough details in the question.

I wanna create a smart home ( with several types of sensors) in order to collect a dataset of daily living activities of the person living in this house

I want to extract dataset after doing my project on a house ! can I

OH can connect to various devices that provide sensor readings. OH can save sensor readings to one of a number of databases.

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If i could find softwares that provide sensor reading . Can i link it with the openhab smarthome model … and extract a dataset of the individual living in it.

:person_shrugging: It would save everyone a whole lot of time here if you went and read the docs, at least the Getting Started Tutorial and then, if you’ve still questions after reading that, to come back and ask specific questions with details.

OH has an extensive docs section that includes a list of all the add-ons (the parts that support connection to different APIs and technologies). See if your “software that provide sensor reading” is listed there.

Note, openHAB is an home automation platform. It’s not just a database. If all you care about is the data, you might be better off with just a database.

2350-8627-2-PB.pdf (989.9 KB)

Maybe there is a misunderstanding in my question these pictures are an example (DATASET), I want to collect( extract ) a dataset of daily living activities of the person living in my project

Not surprising. But I’m not sure this table helps much either.

But again, rather than playing 20 questions with one sentence answers for the next several days, why don’t you go and read the Getting Started Tutorial, even if just at a skim. See what OH does, and see if your question is answered. If not, come back and ask specific and detailed questions and we will be happy to answer as much as we are able.

But I think the answer to your question is already answered above if you put 2 and 2 together.

  1. openHAB is a home automation platform
  2. openHAB connects to devices and APIs from over 350 different technologies and vendors
  3. openHAB can save values it receives from any of those APIs and technologies to one or more database

So why can’t I just say “yes” or “no”? Because we don’t know what sensors you have. We don’t know what technologies and APIs you are integrating with. So you need to do a little work to see if the sensors and technologies you want/need to use are supported. Look to see if the database you want to use to store the stuff in is supported (hint, there’s a whole section under add-ons called “Persistence”).

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