DAVIS Binding

I have a meteo station from Davis. And I recently bought the Lan adapter, so that I can reach the datas via wan or lan.
Is there a Binding for Davis that is not just serial port? Can I use the current binding to connect to the meteo station via LAN?

Thank you

I only see serial connection options in the existing Davis binding. Is there a technical manual for the LAN adapter? It might make sense to extend the existing Davis binding to allow a LAN connection.

Unfortunately no manual :frowning2:
But the software to access and manage the Davis station is the same as for the serial connection, you just to have to set the ip address of the station.
So I suppose should just be a connection port setting.
If you have any idea I could make some tests.

It’s not necessarily the final answer without a manual, but it’s likely to make it at least a little harder to support the LAN adapter. Perhaps others have integrated it for other home automation systems and there is source code out there to peruse, and/or the network traffic could be watched with tcpdump, wireshark or other tools. If you could run netstat -an or equivalent and look for references to the IP address of the LAN adapter, you might be able to at least see what port it’s listening on and go from there?

ops, sorry but I did not get the mail warning that you replied to my post :frowning:

I will try to search for code and at last I will try tcpDump or net stat.



Did you find a solution to configure the Davis station with the WeatherLinkIP plug please?

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Not yet :frowning:


Thank you, if I find a solution, I share.

that would be great, Thx.