Davis Vantage Binding


I installed the Davis Vantage Binding successfully. All the datas imported into openHAB are fine except the Barometer.

Instead of 1032.4 hPA I get 1032290 hPA. That means the decimal point is is missing.

I use the V 1.8 snapshot, but also with the 1.71 I have the same problem.

Has anybody a suggestion how to fix it?


So instead of getting hectopascals (hPa) you are getting pascals (Pa)? The code in question is here.

Maybe the author, Trathnigg Thomas, is on the forum and can chime in?

That’s correct. I get Pascal instead of hectopascals.

No suggestions how to solve the this issue ?

I think the short value incoming into the binding is 1/1000th of an inch of mercury, but it’s being treated as an inch of mercury. Multiplying an inch of mercury by 33.8638 produces hectopascals, so multiplying a thousandth of an inch of mercury by 0.0338638 also produces hectopascals.

I will submit a pull request.

Could you replace your Davis binding JAR with this one and confirm or refute the idea that the unit conversion is working correctly now?


Thank you for the snapshot. I tested it and it works perfect. I get now hPa and not Pa.


Great! The pull request is marked for 1.8.2.