Db4o alternative for OH2 persitence

I have a sucessful implementation of db4o persistence working in OH1 and is the road block for me migrating to OH2. Main criteria:
I have a light that is persistent and when Kodi plays, the lights dim. When kodi stops, the lights go back to their original state. There may be multiple different states between due to pauses where the lightt is set to a different state, or manual intervention changes the state, so I cant use a persistant service that only records last state - it must go “back in time” based on the time kodi started to play.

can anyone advise the persistence service I need to achieve this?

Just about all of the query able persistence services should work. I’m not yet knowledgeable about how OH 2 does persistence natively but through the OH 1.x compatibility layer any of the following are known to work:

  • InfluxDB
  • Apache Derby (through JDBC Binding)
  • H2 (through JDBC Binding)
  • HSQLDB (through JDBC Binding)
  • MariaDB (through JDBC Binding)
  • MySQL (through JDBC Binding)
  • PostgreSQL (through JDBC Binding)
  • SQLite (through JDBC Binding)
  • RRD4J

thanks Rich - db4o isnt listed there - guess i can just try it…?

Is there an idiots guide to mysql bindings? there seems to be two parts with mysql and jdbc?

You could just try it and see if it works. The wiki page for MySQL for OH 1 is probably your best bet. There is also a great tutorial to getting InfluxDB working here: