DCO Check - Signing Off (With GitHub Web Editor Explanation)

oh, that makes sense. technically, but still have a problem legally. I mean, I could create a false account - after all, no one is asking any legally binding ID over the internet.
The only place I know personally is the registration with our fiscal authority where to get an account you have to go and register in person in a financial police office.

Unless DCO is meant to be used with PEC/ De-Mail etc, but I guess that very very few geeks would comply

I will stop accepting pull requests from Ghengis Khan and Julius Caesar from now on!


:smiley: OK, I Agree
Sincerely, Groucho


Maybe i fired up a missunderstanding above: the second part off my post is more or less addressed to Jerome. And it should read kind of funny with all the short forms of …
Sorry about that.

And for “certificate”: maybe this should read “minimal proof of reliability”. But noone dared to write DMPORC at the end. :wink:

no it’s me that I probably have to apologize - probably I misused English here. as for being aggressive I meant I did not want to dig into a real example, that’s it :slight_smile: I’m totally relaxed. Peace!


Tried to submit this https://github.com/openhab/openhab-docs/pull/1640

And got the error. Tried to follow the instructions above using Web, but no luck… Deleted and recreated and same issue? What am I doing wrong?

EDIT: So I have tried this again with every combination I can see but my request still fails?

The DCO check fails almost immediately.

EDIT: So After a final flyer - you have to expose your email address in GitHub. Doe snot work if you want to keep your email address private.