Debugging 100% cpu usage in Openhab 2.5.1


Since I upgraded from 2.4 to 2.5.1 the system end up using 100% cpu after a period of time - after the system has already stabilized from start up. I am not sure what is triggering it or really how to diagnose it.

From looking at other topics I found how to list the active threads and stack traces which can be found here;

But not quite sure what it means. I see a lot are showing the same;

“Thread-1278” Id=8424 in RUNNABLE (running in native)
at Method)

Does that suggest a serial issue?

Any advice on diagnosing this?



Have you reviewed your log file?

Also, did you change things like the rest api in the addons.comfig. There is a thread about coy spikes due to upgrade, I
Can’t find but I believe if the upgrade process was not fully followed the cpu spikes could happen.

I had the same after the upgrade to 2.5.
Yoi can read about it here: Openhab unstable after upgrade to 2.5

The tl,dr is: Thing reconfiguration and z-wave polling can cause a complete rule reload. If you have a lot of rules ore a big rule file, this can clog up your system.
Also, you have to check your config file, where restdocs moved to a different category and will cause a constant install try and fail otherwise.

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