Debugging binding & dependency lib code - step-by-step (from Eclipse IDE)

after quite some struggle, I have reached decent dev environment base on Eclipse and bnd-tools.
I can code and debug step-by-step my binding within the IDE.
If I change the binding code, the binding it’s reloaded in the run and the new code is used.

However my binding also depends on another lib I am developing within the same Eclipse env.

With the previous environment base on PDE I was able to also change the code of the lib and debug step-by-step the lib code while running openHAB in the IDE.

Now with the new bnd-tools based environment, I cannot debug the lib anymore.
I must each time mvc clean install the lib project and then import the lib in the /lib folder of my binding project.
However when I set breakpoints in the lib code, they are ignored, making step-by-step debugging impossible.

I want to know is anyone else is in this exact situation:

  • able to debug binding+lib from the Eclipse IDE
  • able to do step-by-step debug, breakpoints, etc. both on the binding AND the lib code while launching a debug session from app.bndrun demo app

If yes, can please explain your configuration ?
( POM, Build Path configurations of the 3 projects, etc.)

I have already tried to add the lib project in the Build Path of both the binding and projects, but did not improve the situation.

bye Massi