Decoding Z-Wave frame

I’m interested to know what some of the bytes in a Z-Wave frame mean.
The DSB05 4 in One MultiSensor sends two reports for each reading.

I know what the first four bytes are (header, length, type, function)
but what are the next three i.e. 08 04 06 in the first message, and then 00 04 06 in the second?

From memory, the 08 are flags, the 04 is the node, and the 06 is the length.

Thanks Chris.
Do you know where I can find some docs on the flags? I’m not being lazy, I have looked at the official Z-Wave docs, and Googled a lot, but cannot seem to locate anything.

Sorry - I’m not sure. This is not part of the public spec, and from my discussions with Sigma it’s currently unlikely to be made public.

Maybe that explains why I cannot find it. Thanks anyway