Deconz Binding does not add thing(s)

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(Nino) #1


ive setup Deconz latest version and added a Tradfri Dimmer Switch. Then I added the bridge including the api key, that seems to be no problem. But if I add a switch thing (id is correct, I looked at the rest api) nothing happens in openhab.

I event tried to add things using PaperUI but the Deconz binding does not finds anything.

Do I something wrong, here is the things file:

Bridge deconz:deconz:smarthome-deconz [ host=“”, apikey=“FOOBAR” ] {
switch WZ_Tisch_Ikea_Switch “Wohnzimmer Tischschalter” [ id=“2” ]

Thank you!

(CM6.5 H102) #2

Have you linked the Thing with an Item/Channel?

(Nino) #3

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(Nino) #4

Thanks for your reply, its right, things are not shown in OH2. I went over to create a button event but it seems there are other problem too.