Deconz Binding - lastseen not working

I use OH3.1 stable version. The query interval for “last seen” is set to 1440 by default. However, the “Last Seen” channel is unfortunately not updated daily, but only when I either restart OH or change the polling interval. However, an automatic, periodic update does not work, no matter what interval is set.

Does anyone have any tips? I don’t know what else I need to configure.

It’s broken. No solution.

Is there also no solution for OH 3.2?

All my things that offer a “last seen” channel also offer a “last updated” channel.
“last updated” actually gets updated. Maybe you can use this?

What is your use case?

I use it to monitor my door sensors. For these, “last updated” is only updated when the door is opened. However, the doors are not opened regularly, so sometimes “last updated” remains unchanged for several days. “Last seen”, on the other hand, is updated regularly. It used to work perfectly in the past. My rules are designed for this.

I just created an item linked to the “last seen” channel. Tomorrow I can tell you if the update works in OH 3.2

I already have OH 3.2 running. There it does not work either.

Oh, sorry to hear that :frowning:

The strange thing is, my “last seen” item was actually updated automatically yesterday!

It work exactly two times: once on initialization and once after the configured interval.

Any news on this? It seems the binding stops polling after the first cycle, I think it should be easy to fix…