Deconz binding, OH 3.2: no channels for Osram/Ledvance Zigbee plugs

I run a couple of zigbee plugs from Osram/Ledvance. They are connected via a Conbee2-Zigbee-Stick and Phoscon software.

Integration in OpenHAB is done via the deconz binding.
Everything is running fine, but today I wanted to integrate another plug in OpenHAB, but I failed, since there are no channels to link to.

I checked all my other plugs that are already integrated in OpenHAB and the also don’t show any channels in the thing page.

But you can see the linked channel in the item page.

Does someone know, why the channels are missing for the things?
Is there any way to create an item for the new plug?

Thx in advance!

All my onoff-plug things were created in OH 3.0. Looks like there was a change between OH 3.0 and 3.1.

To make a long story short: Delete the thing and readd it, thren you will see chanels again!

Thx to @J-N-K

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