Deconz Binding - "On Time" Channel

I’m not sure if OpenHAB updated, or if Deconz Phoscon updated, but I have a new channel available on all of my lights and plug sockets: ‘On Time’.

But it doesn’t seem to work. Any one know anything about any of this?
I’ve been trying to send it a number, but do I need to send it a special time unit somehow?

You need to send something like 300 s to the ontime channel and then this time is used if you send ON tobte color/brightness/switch Channel.


That worked. And minutes is min. Strange it isn’t m. Is m months maybe?

Any ideas of a simple way to link this to a UI stepper or slider or something? I think I could do it with a dummy item and a rule, but it seems it should be more straight forward than that.

And another oddity, the string field of the ‘On Time’ item only seems to update its number when I send it a number without the time unit. If I send it 1min it works as 1 min timer, but the value doesn’t change in the item, but if I send it a number, it will update the string field, but the timer wont work.

What is the “string field”?

Where it says ‘1’

That‘s most likely an UI issue.

You can check the actual item state with openhab:state itemname on the karaf console.

Using the stepper only works if I add %.0f min to the stateDescription Pattern

See Units Of Measurement | openHAB. m is the unit for “meter”. M in front of another compatible unit is “Mega” (e.g. MWh for Mega-Watt Hour).