deConz binding strange behaviour

I run openhabian with Openhab3 on rPi4.
Today I noticed the strange issue today on my smoke detectors. Among the other about 30 sensors, switches and lights I have also 5 Xiaomi Smoke detectors and two Heiman smoke detectors. The behaviour I notice on one Xiaomi Smoke detector and both Heiman detectors is the following:

  1. The REST gets updated, I could see the “lastupdated” tag changing when I pressed the test button of the sensor (paste from the REST is truncated with irrelevant data removed).

12: {

“lastseen”: “2021-01-12T11:53Z”,
“manufacturername”: “LUMI”,
“modelid”: “lumi.sensor_smoke”,
“name”: “Smoke Sensor Bedroom”,
“lastupdated”: “2021-01-12T11:53:53.907”,

22: {
"lastseen": "2021-01-12T11:15Z",
"manufacturername": "Heiman",
"modelid": "SmokeSensor-EM",
"name": "Smoke Sensor Hall Up",
"lastupdated": "none",
9: {
"lastseen": "2021-01-12T11:35Z",
"manufacturername": "Heiman",
"modelid": "SmokeSensor-EM",
"name": "Smoke Sensor Hall Ground Floor",
"lastupdated": "none",
  1. On the Phoscon web application Heiman sensors remained with status unreachable even though the lastseen or lastupdated tags had timestamps from few minutes before
  2. The sensor is marked as GONE in the openhab and also the channels disappeared so I only could see two out of the 6 configured channels. And even on the remaining channels I could see the lastupdated received timestamp from the test few minutes back, but the sensor remained “GONE”

My channels & items are configured textually:

    firesensor              chSmokeDetectorHallGF       "Smoke Detector Hall Ground floor"  [ id="9", lastSeenPolling=720 ]
    firesensor              chSmokeDetectorBedroom      "Smoke Detector Bedroom"            [ id="12", lastSeenPolling=720 ]
    firesensor              chSmokeDetectorHallFF       "Smoke Detector Hall First floor"   [ id="22", lastSeenPolling=720 ]

Each sensor has the following item configuration:

//Smoke detector Bedroom 
Group                   grpSmokeDetectorBedroom           "Smoke Detector Bedroom"                 <smokeDetector> (grpBedroom, grpSmokeDetector)                            
Switch                  SmokeDetectorFireDetectedBedroom  "Smoke detected"                      <fire>          (grpSmokeDetectorBedroom)                ["Smoke"]                  { channel="deconz:firesensor:conbeeII:chSmokeDetectorBedroom:fire"} 
Number                  SmokeDetectorBatteryBedroom       "Smoke Detector Battery"              <battery>       (grpSmokeDetectorBedroom)                                           { channel="deconz:firesensor:conbeeII:chSmokeDetectorBedroom:battery_level" }
Switch                  SmokeDetectorBatteryLowBedroom    "Smoke Detector Battery Low"          <energy>        (grpSmokeDetectorBedroom)                                           { channel="deconz:firesensor:conbeeII:chSmokeDetectorBedroom:battery_low" }
Number:Temperature      SmokeDetectorTemperatureBedroom   "Smoke Detector Temperature [%.1f °C]" <temperature>   (grpSmokeDetectorBedroom)                                          { channel="deconz:firesensor:conbeeII:chSmokeDetectorBedroom:temperature"  }
Switch                  SmokeDetectorTamperBedroom        "Smoke Detector tamper"                             (grpSmokeDetectorBedroom)                                             { channel="deconz:firesensor:conbeeII:chSmokeDetectorBedroom:tampered"} 
DateTime                SmokeDetectorLastUpdateBedroom    "[%1$tY-%1$tm-%1$td  %1$tH:%1$tM]"    <clock-on>      (grpSmokeDetectorBedroom)                                           { channel="deconz:firesensor:conbeeII:chSmokeDetectorBedroom:last_updated" }
DateTime                SmokeDetectorLastSeenBedroom      "[%1$tY-%1$tm-%1$td  %1$tH:%1$tM]"    <clock-on>      (grpSmokeDetectorBedroom)                                           { channel="deconz:firesensor:conbeeII:chSmokeDetectorBedroom:last_seen" }

Hi Darko, could you find a solution for this meanwhile? I‘m currently confronted with the same issue in conjunction with Deconz and Heiman fire detectors. Many thanks!

Hi @joergos,

No I did not find solution. I opened a bug on Deconz github, but they requested some log data which I couldn’t collect since I am running on openhabian and after some time the issue was automatically closed. If you can collect some log data might help to fix the issues. Try these links

As I already commented in that issue: You need to provide a TRACE log that shows the last sensor related message immediately before the thing status changes to GONE. Otherwise it’s impossible to know what happens.

Thanks for your replies. I‘ll try to provide a trace file.
For the time being I‘ve created some small rules which are going to be triggered once the Thing state changes.