Deconz binding - works on IP only

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware:Raspi 3B plus
    • OS: Debian 11 / raspios
    • Java Runtime Environment: no clue, whatever comes with Openhab 4
    • openHAB version: 4.0

Howdy folks, I have both openhab (reachable via port 8080) and the deconz app (reachable via the same IP, port 8081) running on my Raspy which is connected my local router, ensuring it is reachable via the local network for changing settings.
However, every time I turn off my router openhab stops working, loosing connection to the deconz gateway.
I mean I get it, its configured based on IP and the router is gone, may lead into issues, but…
a) after 10sec? really?
b) if I change the address to hostname “localhost” it seems to work for some time but then gets overwritten by IP address which then doesnt work anymore.

Did anyone experience the same?

deconz:deconz:00212E095D5A’ changed from ONLINE to OFFLINE (COMMUNICATION_ERROR): Disconnected

UID: deconz:deconz:00212E095D5A
label: Phoscon-GW (
thingTypeUID: deconz:deconz
apikey: deleted
httpPort: 8081
websocketTimeout: 120
timeout: 2000

I don’t experience that but also do not turn off the router.
What is the advantage of turning off the router ( Should You Turn Off Your Router at Night ) ?

How is your network configured ? Does it use DHCP ?

thanks for your reply!

I try to save energy where possible and also want to reduce running devices where possible. Since I dont access internet during the night, I dont see the need for having my router turned on.

I use DHCP, yes.