DeConz binding - Xiaomi

I use RBpi3B+ and OH2 2.5.0 M2 version and the same bindings.
I added Xiaomi sensors with Conbee 2 to OH2 and working fine. I tried to add the Xiaomi Smart Plug but doesn’t work well.
I can add the Smart plug to Phoscon app as a lamp…but works I can switch off/on from Phoscon app the smart plug. I see the smart plug in the inbox of OH but NO on/off channels. If I see the plug in the Paper UI control menu hasn’t got on/off switch channels so I cannot magane the plug with OH.
I contacted with Dresden Elektronik and they said it is a OH issue, because the plug works in Phoscon.

Hi @Tamas_Nadanicsek,

Guys from Dresden Electronics are right. Please have a look at the binding documentation:

deCONZ also acts as a HUE bridge. This binding is meant to be used together with the HUE binding which makes the lights and plugs available.

Meaning you have to install the Hue binding to use your plugs.
They are working nicely together.

Hi Christoph,
I have installed the Hue binding and the deConz binding. All Xiaomi sensors work well. Only the Xiaomi smart plug doesn’t work good in OH because NO ON/OFF channel.

Any idea?

Not sure if my problem is your problem, but it might be, so I post it in your thread.
I too have an Xiaomi-Sensor not updating correctly.
I mean, it does update in the Phoscon APP and also receives and “update” in the openhab log:

2019-10-19 19:35:23.738 [thome.event.ItemStateEvent] - Xiaomi_DoorSensor_openclose updated to OPEN

2019-10-19 19:35:23.740 [thome.event.ItemStateEvent] - Xiaomi_DoorSensor_lastupdated updated to 2019-10-19T19:35:23.000+0200

2019-10-19 19:35:23.744 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Xiaomi_DoorSensor_lastupdated changed from 2019-10-19T19:34:13.000+0200 to 2019-10-19T19:35:23.000+0200

2019-10-19 19:35:25.392 [thome.event.ItemStateEvent] - Xiaomi_DoorSensor_openclose updated to CLOSED

2019-10-19 19:35:25.393 [thome.event.ItemStateEvent] - Xiaomi_DoorSensor_lastupdated updated to 2019-10-19T19:35:25.000+0200

2019-10-19 19:35:25.395 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Xiaomi_DoorSensor_lastupdated changed from 2019-10-19T19:35:23.000+0200 to 2019-10-19T19:35:25.000+0200

In the sitemap, I can only see the “last_update” - I assume because this value has “changed” and not “updated”. I have no idea how to set the item to “open” when the thing updates to “open”. Is that maybe your problem as well?
PS: I am using 2.5m3 on ubuntu.

I have no problem with update. I see always the actual state in OH (I have Xiaomi door, vibration, motion, multi sensors). Only the Xiaomi smart plug doesn’t work good in OH, as I have mentioned above.

Has somebody a Xiaomi smart plug with Conbee 2 connected to OH?