[deconz] Things are often not updated in openHAB

Hello, everyone! I would like to start by apologizing for my bad English.

Now to my concern. I often have the problem that openHAB does not update one or the other thing.
For example a temperature sensor, which is marked green as “online”, but the temperature is not updated.
There is then in my sitemap, which I display on my cell phone, the same temperature permanently.
Or sometimes a door/window contact. Then, for example, a light no longer comes on.

If I then set the ID of the sensor to “0” by hand, save the thing and then the actual ID again enter and save, the sensor or contact runs normally again.
At some point, this way comes up again other and the game starts over.
I use a DeConz Stick for the Sonoff sensors. None of these sensors are attached to the stick’s Phoscon surface or contacts are reported as missing and they are updated as normal.
I have already completely deleted and retrained the sensors or contacts that regularly fail.
In openHAB I integrate all devices via the MainUI.
Does anyone know the problem and/or has a solution?