[deconz] Where does the deconz-Binding store the scene ids?


I got a minor issue with the handling of scenes in lightgroups:

When I use the RecallScene channel of a lightgroup-thing as an Item to set a given Scene I have to use the Scene Name in openHAB. The webinterface offers me all potential Names it knows, when I want to change it via that way, see the image below.

The thing now is: What happens internally or ‘on the wire’ when the binding talks to the deconz-rest-api, it changes the name to the corresponding ID and instructs deconz to use that scene with the given id.

Yet, I have to tell openHAB the actual name of the scene, while I see that this seems more user-friendly it is also somewhat annoying, because the deconz binding only knows the names and ids of the scenes, which were there when the thing was created via discovery and inbox.

The Problem is:
Whenever I change a scenename in deconz or add another scene I got no choice but to delete the Thing and discover and add it again.

My current workaround is to create dummy scenes for the case that I want more scenes in the future, and keep track of my initial scene-names in case I rename then in deconz.

So my primary question is:

Obviously, the binding does save the lookup-table name-to-id somewhere. Where is that place? I looked in all textual representations of the things and items within the jsondb but had no luck.

My secondary question is:
Is this intended behavior? Wouldn’t it be more user-friendly to either see the lookup table to actually know what maybe historical names the binding is aware of and perhaps change it? Or is there a possibility to make it accept the actual integers it is going to send anyway? Or is there a way to make it reevaluate the names offered by the deconz-api?

There is no permanent storage. Did you try to disable/enable the thing?

Ah yes. This works, haven’t thought of that. Thank you very much!

This still needs user interaction, is there a way to that the binding does that periodically or something? I got scenarios where I’m not the only one changing scenes, so I might not be aware, that’s time again to reenable the thing.
Should I write a script for that purpose?