Decora switch wiring

Howdy, folks. I’m trying to wire a Decora outlet in a new home to work with OH, but I can’t seem to get it to recognize. I have no clue how the house was wired, so it’s looking to me like this is a 3-way setup.

I’ve tried various combinations of the red and black leads, one of which goes to the load and the red which is always hot. Can you help me out with what I’m missing?

Photo attached. Thanks in advance!

What manufacturer, model and technology? What does the manual tell you?

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If you do not have the skill to figure out the wiring, please use a professional electrician and keep safe.

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I have the skills to know how to turn a breaker off and turn a screwdriver. All I’m asking for is help with the wiring.

The title specifies Decora which by definition is Leviton. I try to keep my topis and replies brief. The specific model is the DW15S-1BZ.

A common gotcha with mains powered smart switches is needing a neutral connection (not just line and switched line).

I’m from the UK so not familiar with your (USA?) wiring colours but I’m assuming the bundle of white wires are your neutrals which does not seem to be connected to your switch at all.

You probably need to connect a permanent line/live/hot and a permanent neutral up to the switch to power it up (and make it discoverable).

You then need to figure out how to connect all your switched line wires up to the switch to make it actually do what you want.

And that’s the part that was throwing me off. I have a comprehension of basic wiring, but with basic switches, not 3-way, which is what seems to be going on here. Just bought the house, so I have LOTS of switches and haven’t figured out yet what they all do.

Thanks for the tip!

The link you provided has the diagram you need. But you need to figure out which end this switch is at - is this line side or the load side? You can only put this switch at the line side, and you’ll need the companion at the load side. Be very careful to make sure no lead is hot when you are working on any of this. And you can never be sure if the original installation follows this scheme or not.

If you want info on general 3 and 4 way switch diagrams, do a google search. Here’s a sample 3 way:

From your Leviton link:

And make sure you follow the local code. If you are at all hesitant about this, you should hire a licensed electrician (in some areas, you must do so).

If you are working on a 3way switch it needs to be replaced with a 3way switch without modify wiring in the other box possibly removing the switch.

Typically in the us you have a line black, neutral white, traveler red. This is for 3 way switches.

Be careful working in a multi switch box. I know there is at least one case in my home where there are multiple live circuits in the same box.

That switch needs their companion matching remote switch for 3-way operation, according to their manual. One reason I like Zooz Z-Wave switches is that they need no special remote switch.