Decreasing item change spam/adding a polling interval?

I’m using the “System Info” binding to read out CPU temperature with this item:

Number SystemInfo_CPU_Temp "CPU Temp" (Logged) {channel="systeminfo:computer:AutomationServer:sensors#cpuTemp"}

It works, but unfortunately, this item updates a lot. The temperature fluctuates on a seemingly second-to-second basis which absolutely floods the log with useless data (and presumably fills influxdb persistence with useless data too):

Is there any way to change this behavior? Have the item ignore updates unless they are outside of a specific change range (say the temperature changes by more than three degrees) or simply have the item only update every minute with an average value or something?

Using the systeminfo binding you can configure the used timeintervall for your channels in the settings High, Medium and Low for each channel. The exact time setting for High and Medium can be set at the thing level configuration by the user.
How much of the received data is persisted should also be user adjusted. ( everyMinute instead of every change for data points that are read every Minute?)

Ah, thanks, adjusting the timeinterval for the channel did the trick!