Dedicated Speedtest

I am in the happy usecase of having 2 WAN Connections.
Therefore my OpenHab (Docker) is able to use both of them (loadbalanced or fallback)

On the same hand I can only use sufficient “Speedtest Binding” when I will fix the IP of OpenHab to something that is allways routed over the same WAN1. (And for sure not tracking WAN2)

My prefered Idea would be 2 Docker instances (seperated IPs) that will handle the Speedtests for each WAN. and some kind of REST for using these data in OpenHAB.

First guess:

(The fact that I do not like is: it comes with its own DB and I can only catch /api/speedtest/latest)

Any other (docker based) Service I can use?
Best if someone has it allready in use and can report about it.

Thanks a lot!

There is a speed test addon in openhab.
I have never used it and know nothing about it but you could look at it and it may be what you are looking for?

There’s also one in the network binding

Should I try it in other words? Was my question unclear?

I know about Bindings, but by fact that I can not attach anything to the ip-header or similar to create a different Routing through a specific WAN, I would need different OpenHAB instances (for diffrent IPs)

Regarding this mindset I would prefer two outstanding Docker of Speedtest instead of two extra OpenHAB-docker-instances JUST for using such a binding.

More clear? Or was it just the lazyness of reading my first post? :face_with_hand_over_mouth: