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Apologies in advance because RT(F)M did not work for me.

Where can I get a list of “installed/accessible” icons (for OH2)? I can view the Classic set at but my /etc/openhab2/icons/classic only lists the speedtest icons that were installed separately. Yet when using the Weather binding, “sunrise” and “sunset” work correctly (as expected). Where can I hunt & peck for other such icons? I came across “sunrise” and “sunset” usage in the forum and much to my eternal appreciation to the contributors, it worked flawlessly.


You can’t get a list in openHAB2 itself, these icons are hidden in the code…

Thanks Udo. I understand my challenge a little better now.

So, the only way to latch on to these icons is to “discover” their enumeration in some “public” document, adopt, cross my fingers and hope that it will magically show up? Am I missing something obvious here? Sorry to be so pedantic but I guess I have to use “Inkscape” or equivalent and reinvent the wheel.

I more point: is there some guidance on the resolution and depth of the PNG images for this purpose assuming that there is none for the SVG equivalent? Will appreciate a response even if you have to say NO. :smile:


Open your sitemap in a browser, save the image and take a look at the details.
You will find: 64px x 64px

Or navigate to this page:

Edit: okay, you’ve already found that page :rofl:

Thanks, sihui!

here is another list:

In fact, this is the same list (it’s the source for the document).