Default Link creation for Channel with state options shows datetime

In my binding I have channel-types with item-type string.
To show the state of an item I added the state/options/option tags to have a state channel.

	<channel-type id="hotWaterOpMode">
		<label>Operation mode</label>
		<description>some description</description>

		<state readOnly="false" pattern="%s">
				<option value="0">Automatix</option>
				<option value="1">Party</option>
				<option value="2">2nd heat gen.</option>
				<option value="3">Holiday</option>
				<option value="4">Off</option>

With that channel one should also be able to set the state in the UI. So far this works very well. But I’m not able to define the tag in that way, that the link creation automatically creates a proper state item. Instead it shows a date (with value 0).
Clicking on the item opens the correct input menu though.

The item suffixed with _DEFAULT is simply created by “Add Link to Item” → “Create a new Item” → “Link”
The “correct” item with also setting the Type to Number and Semantic Class to Status.

Is there anything I can change to “fix” the link creation? What am I missing? I tried adding state/commands/command but to no avail…
Already checked on What do the channel-type/state/options/option actually do?

I’d appreciate any hint or advise!

I’d first check what your String Item state gets set to (never entirely trust the UI, because it might be doing presentation trickery). Look in your events.log if in doubt.

The usual cause of seeing 1970-01-etc. is a channel type mis-match The framework does its best to parse from one type to another, and I speculate the last try in the list is “try a datetime”.

I would expect to see exactly this were a number type channel linked to a String type Item.
Are you sending decimalType updates to a string type channel? (and why have you chosen string, if you expect only integer values?)