Default values for .def and .archives in .cfg for rrd4j

Dear all

Quick question: what are the default values used for the .def and the .archives configurations (i.e. in case nothing is specified in the .cfg file)

Thank you in advance

The default is like this:
That way the
1.archive has 480 values , each for a minute step (covering 480 minutes, i.e. 6 hrs)
2. archive has 360 values, each for a 4 minute step (covering 1440 minutes, i.e. a day)
3. archive has 644 values, each for a 14 minute step (covering 5040 minutes, i.e. 3.5 days)
4. archive has 720 values, each for a 60 minute step (covering 43200 minutes, i.e. 30 days)
5. archive has 730 values, each for a 720 minute step (covering 525600 minutes, i.e. 365 days)…

Thank you very much, this insightful. It did not find that in the documentation. Maybe helpful to include it?

Best, Rolf

I had the same question before, found that in the code.
I have my setup now tweaked in order to have only those values saved that I want to display ( 1 minute-wise over a day and max values for a week, a month and a year.).