Defekt ABUS plug or misconfiguration?


I have an ABUS Z-Wave plug that shows incorrect measurement results. Instead of a potential of about 220V, it shows 0.104V, the current is 0A, and the power is about 1W instead of 21.4W. If I remember correctly, the measurements when I started using the plug were okay. Since then, I’ve changed a few property settings.
Hence my questions. Has anyone else seen such behavior? Is it possible that it is a configuration problem?

Thanks for your help.

I suspect they make a few different models.

I think it should be the latest model, because I’ve just bought it. Its name is “ABUS Z-Wave Wireless Socket”. The article number is SHHA10000.

OK I found it in the database. I did not find any configuration settings for units or calibration. You may have a defective unit.

Thank you.