Deferring initialization - DarkSky Binding

I removed the Dark Sky binding earlier this year from OH 3.2, all of sudden this shows up in the logs for OH 3.4.4 after running on this upgraded OH version 3 months now.

2023-09-26 13:52:08.946 [INFO ] [hab.core.model.thing.internal.GenericThingProvider] - No ThingHandlerFactory found for thing darksky:weather-api:api (thing-type is darksky:weather-api). Deferring initialization.

2023-09-26 13:52:08.950 [INFO ] [hab.core.model.thing.internal.GenericThingProvider] - No ThingHandlerFactory found for thing darksky:weather-and-forecast:api:home (thing-type is darksky:weather-and-forecast). Deferring initialization.

Where do I go to remove this reference?

Best, Jay

Looks like you might still have the Thing or there is an orphaned Item Channel Link.

If it’s a Thing it’s easy enough to check in Settings → Things.

If it’s a Link, you can log into the Karaf console and find and remove orphaned links: Runtime Commands | openHAB

This was useful!

openhab:links orphan list
openhab:links orphan purge

I cleaned up a bunch of Amazon Home Device links that weren’t valid anymore.

Unfortunetely, the list didn’t have anything to do with Dark Sky. I did look at the Things and there wasn’t any Dark Sky things in there either.

It’s very strange all of sudden it displayed that after being gone for months, not sure where else to look (.json file?)

Best, Jay

Yep, next place is to grep through the .json file.

Found it, wasn’t in .json files either. It was in a .thing file definition… Very rookie move on my part.

Best, Jay

That’s one of the gotchas when mixing managed and file based configs.