Define a rollershutter (KNX binding) in Paper UI

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I am not sure anymore, wether my idea of organizing documentation is totally incompatible with the openHAB docs or the docs are lacking half of the content, which should be there (yes, I’m on the verge of offering help - I just need to master it myself before :wink:

openhab 2.3
KNX binding 2.3.0

I would like to define a rollershutter in Paper UI. In KNX there are different addresses (GAs) for (i) up and down, (ii) for stop, (iii) to move to a position.

Paper UI gives me only two address-fields, one for the position, the other one:

The group address(es) in Group Address Notation to start (MOVE) or STOP shutter movement

But it’s not an OR - I must put in two addresses…but in which notation? Tried “GA-1 GA-2” and “GA-1,GA-2” (without quotes), but neither is working.

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Sure? I can see three address fields…


Although I am not really blonde (sorry to all blonde ones!), I’m obviously too dumb to read.
Under best assumptions I put this down to stressfull days or heavy distraction ;-))

Thank you…a lot!