Define library version

The Add-On org.openhab.binding.bluetooth.generic uses the outdated library org.sputnikdev:bluetooth-gatt-parser:1.9.4 which depends on the old version com.thoughtworks.xstream:xstream:1.4.7.
How can I set the version of xstream to 1.4.7? I tried the pom.xml file but that does not work.
Thanks for help.

As far I know xstream is part of standard openhab distribution. Can you tell what kind of error you get and where?

Hi @splatch, thanks for your response. It’s the error I describe here

I found that it’s caused by the fact, that org.sputnikdev:bluetooth-gatt-parser:1.9.4 does not configure the security features of Xstream what newer versions of Xstream require.

Error you linked is related to an updated version of xstream which is used by openHAB. It requires whitelisting of permitted types in order to serialize/deserialize data they represent. Only way to fix this issue is updating binding to properly declare data structures it uses in combination with xstream.

Yeah, you are right @splatch. The problem is that the library org.sputnikdev:bluetooth-gatt-parser:1.9.4 controls Xstream and the binding cannot declared these data structures.
This can only be done with an update of org.sputnikdev:bluetooth-gatt-parser what was last released in 2018… It’s therefore unclear if a pull request from us would be merged and a new release done… But I guess we have not many other choices…

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