Delay on RF Messages

Good evening,

My current setup is a Raspberry Pi running OpenHAB as the controller and MQTT broker (Mosquitto), 2 Arduinos (1 Sensor Node and one Action Node). The sensor node is currently hosting a switch and the action node is hosting a relay powering a spotlight. All of my system is communicating through means of RF Modules (RF24l01, to be specific). I have it setup and running perfectly to power on the relay when the switch is pressed, changing the state of the relay as the state corresponds on the switch (High switch = Relay on, Low switch = Relay off).

The issue that I’m currently facing here is that there is a slight delay between the the switch activation and the relay powering up, around 1/2 seconds. I had the arduino sketches and the MQTTController file running with a 1000ms interval/delay between running its receive/send loops. So i thought this would be the issue here, so i went ahead and changed them all too 200ms, got no change in the delay.

Obviously i don’t really want a delay between pressing the switch and getting the light to turn on or off, however i do understand there will be a delay of some sort due to data having to be created, sent, received and then dealt with. What would you guys advise me to attempt to do, if there is anything possible? If you need any codes, logs, videos or anything please just let me know and i will provide what i can.

Thanks in advance, Sam.