Delayed caldav execution

hi there

first of all to the community and the developer, nice job dudes ! … only with the tutorials and the community-page i’ve been done a lot automation-stuff with openhab … but now no more aces left …

  • openhab 2.1
  • caldav-binding running with nextcloud server

everything is fine, but caldav-item-update is delayed, most of all about 6 minutes … so the execution of the event (lights on, shutter down, …) is delayed also …

what can i do here ? so, if anybody have an idea, please let me know !

So you have a caldav server running on your nextcloud, and OH is connecting to that?

You should get a debug log and use that to determine where the delay is.


yes, nextcloud-server with caldav (calendar-app) and OH is connecting via caldav-binding … so it’s grabbing the calendar-events and my OH-items will be changed.

the delay is not konstant, sometimes the event changed in the same minute as the caldav-event, sometimes 6 minutes after (6 minutes = hour/10 could be a internal cronjob) - the cpu/hdd-load is quiet the same the whole day …

caldavio ist set to default for the timesettings.

what is the best way to log an special binding ?

@mcld: I suffer from exactly the same problem, see CalDAV personal: Switch item ON only during server reload, but on time for OFF

Were you able to solve it? Thanks a lot!

What is your setup? I use:

  • Raspberry Pi 3B plus
  • OH milestone (2.4 release currently)
  • GMX as calendar provider
  • Bindings installed: Only CalDAV personal for the tests

Hi there …

sorry for the late response

my setup:

  • Asrock N3150B-ITX
  • OH stable release (at the time of implementation OH2.2 i think) on a several LXC-container
  • Nextcloud caldav
  • latest ubuntu lts
  • caldav pers bind

i had 2 problems getting the caldav-binding running in the past

  1. it seems that the (relatively) huge amount of rules (>2.5k LOC, configured with more than 40 things like shutters, speakers, heating with precalculating, permanently light-adaptation and other funny geeky stuff) in combination with my lazy way to programming this rules with timesleeps against the better way with timers was too much for the task-managing in oh… so i optimize my rules to run through in few seconds and i increase the number of tasks from openhab … the net will show you how

  2. i think there is (or was) a bug in the updating-function of the internal configuration-files of caldav/oh. if i change my config-files in /etc/openhab2/ (oh: caldav configured properly) the files in /var/lib/openhab2/etc/caldav wasn’t updated. so i have to delete the ‘…var/lib/…’ files to get my new version of configuration files into openhab. before i knew this bug the behavior of caldav was confusing, because sometimes my changes was updated, sometimes not.

now its running about a year without any problems …

Thanks. I deleted these files already, but without success…

@mcld Would you be interested in testing a fix that will make the CalDAV binding reliable? There is a set of JAR files containing a fix.

The developers ask for testing before publishing the code, and thus we need some testers that provide debug logs. Thanks!

Details see on GitHub: