Delete links through Main UI

I’m comming from OH 2.5 and try to make my way with OH 3 now. One thing I’m missing is the possibility to delete links through the new Main UI.

Background: e.g. I plan to switch homematic wall plugs in parallel to the normal ceiling lamps (plclogo binding). Instead of writing rules for every light I’m using the “follow” profile for the channel, so I add another link between the ceiling lamp item and the homematic wall plug thing channel, but I am not able to delete it after creating one by mistake. Am I just missing something or is this just not supported anymore?

Click on the Channel Link to open it, you’ll then have the opportunity to delete the link.

Have you tried this? It would be intuitive to do so, but I don’t have that opportunity here:

On my setup I have this “unlink” option :


But wait : I see a lock on your item. I suppose it is declared in an item file. Reason why you have not the option to delete the link via the GUI.

That “unlink” button is missing on my installation. Which Version are you using OH3.0.0 Stable?

I see a lock symbol next to your item which indicates that the Item is defined in an ‘.items’ file. If this is the case have you linked the channel there? If so remove that item from the file and define it in the UI.

Thanks for that hint! The plclogo binding things and items are all comming from text files (because handling >100 memory address things and items is easier there). When linking items to things that are both created through UI I have this “unlink” option too. But in the case above the channel of the homematic item was created by UI. In my opinion this seems to be a bug, because the link was created through UI and thereby also should be “unlinkable” by UI:

Yes, but if the link itself is defined in the items file, the GUI can not delete it.

Yes thats clear as for every other item, thing… defined by files, but as stated in my comment above, the link in my sample was created using the UI and now cannot be deleted by using the UI also.

I think I understood the Thing (and so the Channel) was created via GUI, not the link between the Channel and the Item

Only the Item Logo204_Q7 is comming from a text file. The Thing (and so the Channel) and also the Link between the UI Thing and the File Item was created using the UI. So if you would agree with me I here found a possible bug, I’ll file a bug report for this issue then.

Yes, in this context, I think we can agree this may be a bug and an issue can be opened.

Issue created: Main UI: Missing "unlink" button for (channel) links when mixing text files/UI · Issue #2130 · openhab/openhab-core · GitHub

One last question: is the only way now for me to get rid of the link using the karaf console?

You could use the REST API Docs as well. Or you can stop openHAB and delete the entry in the JSONDB files manually. I do not recommend the latter but it is an option.